How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning Problems | Air Conditioning Repair in Garland, TX

How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning Problems | Air Conditioning Repair in Garland, TX

Air conditioning systems are certainly one of the best inventions of the last century. These cooling machines have completely transformed our lifestyle as they can be found almost everywhere in hot regions. Whether its homes, offices or markets, air conditioning systems are the main climate control systems everywhere.

Despite being so convenient, air conditioning systems are also quite complex machines. They are made up of many electrical and mechanical components. So many components mean that there so many things that can go wrong. Therefore, it might be sometimes difficult for a layman to troubleshoot even the most common problems. Most people end up calling for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX, for a problem that is so minute that it could’ve been solved at home.

So, if you are one of those people who have absolutely no idea regarding the operation of an air conditioner, then simply keep reading because this blog is just for you. We explain some of the most common air conditioning problems and how to troubleshoot them. You do not need to call for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX, for every problem because some problems are pretty easy to resolve.

Below are some of the air conditioner problems and how to troubleshoot:

Dirty Air Filter


One of the most common problems to occur in an air conditioning system is a dirty air filter. An air filter is simply installed to block all the dirt contaminants from entering your house. You need to make sure that the air filter is clean at all times in order for the air conditioner to work smoothly. A clogged air filter can be a root of so many problems. The most common problem caused by a dirty air filter is weak airflow. Other problems such as frozen evaporator coil, a spike in energy bills, and inadequate cooling are all caused by clogged air filters.


If you face any of the problems mentioned above, then do not panic and call for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX. Instead just check the air filter of the air conditioning system. If the air filter is dirty, then simply replace it with a new one. If it is reusable, then install it back after cleaning it.

Thermostat Malfunctioning

A thermostat is the main controlling unit of every air conditioning system. It controls everything from the airflow to the temperature of the room. Therefore, if anything goes wrong with the thermostat, the entire operation of the air conditioning system can be disturbed dramatically.


If your air conditioner refuses to start, then it could be because of a failed thermostat as well. Other problems such as irregular or unwanted temperatures and weak airflow can also be caused due to a malfunctioning thermostat.


To troubleshoot the above-mentioned problems, simply check your thermostat thoroughly. Observe the temperatures and airflow settings by changing them drastically on the thermostat. If you have modern digital programmable thermostats, then you also need to check their batteries. These thermostats often malfunction due to low battery. If you are unable to troubleshoot the problems using these techniques, then simply call for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX, to fix it.

Outdoor Unit Problems

Most of the modern air conditioning systems are divided into two major units. The indoor unit and the outdoor unit. Each of these units plays a vital role in providing you the soothing cool air throughout the summer. However, it is the outdoor unit that is more prone to problems due to being exposed to the outside world.


If you are seeking a huge spike in the energy bills, then it could be because of the problems in the outside unit. Other problems such as no cool air, frequent repairs and lack of cooling can all be caused due to a faulty outdoor unit.


To troubleshoot all of the above-mentioned problems, simply go outside and have a look around the outside unit. If it is covered in a thick layer of dust, then it means it requires cleaning. Simply turn off the power and start cleaning the outside unit both internally and externally. The most effective way of cleaning the condenser unit is by washing it with a hose.

After you are done with the cleaning, close the unit and start the air conditioner again to see if the problems still occur. If the problems are still there, then the root of these problems might be different. Therefore, you need to call for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX, to get rid of them immediately.

Check All Air Vents

Sometimes there is no electrical and mechanical problem in the air conditioning system at all. Blocked air vents can also cause many major problems for the air conditioning system.


The problems that are caused by blocked or leaky vents can be a lack of cooling, weak airflow, frozen evaporator coils and water leaking from the air conditioner. All of these problems have nothing to do with the performance of the air conditioning system. Therefore, do not immediately call for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX, but first have a look at it yourself.


Just thoroughly check all the air vents inside your house. If you have thick rugs or drapes at home, then the vents are highly likely to get blocked from that. Some people even forget to open the vents after closing them temporarily. Therefore, you also need to make sure that all the vents are opened and clear. If the problems still exist after that, then simply call for air conditioning repair in Garland, TX.

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