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Thermostats | Heating and Air Conditioning in Garland, TX

Daniel Reichert - Monday, February 20, 2017

Types of Thermostats

You hear a lot about programmable thermostats, and that is because they can do so much more for you while reducing your energy use. However, there are a number of other types of thermostats for you to select from. If you prefer a basic thermostat without all of the features available in programmable thermostats, there is one sure to suit your needs. The following provides an overview of the different types of thermostats. Once you choose one right for your home, contact Garland Heating and Air Conditioning for questions and/or installation. We will be glad to provide the heating and air conditioning services you require. First up let's look at the original mechanical thermostat.

Mechanical Thermostats

Mechanical thermostats are not programmable, and number of them use mercury bulb contact. Mercury is highly toxic and requires special care in its handling, care similar to the old mercury thermometers used in the health care field before digital thermometers were available. Other mechanical thermometers use a calibrated magnetic strip and a metal spring. Many of this type can be calibrated, although it requires an experienced HVAC technician to do so. Mechanical thermostats are no longer in high demand, but are available in a wide variety.

Digital Non-Programmable Thermostats

The non-programmable digital thermostat is simple to use without all the technology of programmable thermostats.  They are available with an LED display and are easier for those with vision problems to see. They display the room temperature and set temperature. In addition, many offer a push button light for night viewing. They also provide a temperature up and down button and a on and off switch with the ability to run the fan only if you choose. They typically are accurate and effective without the fuss of the programmable thermostat.

Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats models vary widely in the features they provide. They can provide you with the basics, such as programming a temperature for morning and evening, others offers a wide range of features and functions. Some are difficult to program while others have the ability to prompt you through programming. Programmable thermostats are an increasingly popular choice for saving energy in the homes top energy consumer – the heating and air conditioning system.

Wireless Thermostats

Wireless thermostats allow you to access the heating and air conditioning system when you are away from home. The wireless feature enables you to save even more money. For example, if you work late, the wireless feature enables you to access the HVAC system through your smart phone or tablet, and change the scheduled time for a change in temperature.

Touchscreen Thermostats and Wireless Remote

The touchscreen thermostat eliminates the need for buttons and provides a clean sleek thermostat. In addition, it provides the features of the model at your fingertips. While you have the option to select older technology for a thermostat, the programmable with touch screen technology is increasingly popular for its ability to save energy and money. If you have ever forgotten to adjust a thermostat before leaving home or going to bed, you can appreciate the ability to program the thermostat according to your schedule. Consequently, the programmable thermostat saves energy while you are away. The average U.S. home can save up to 20% on the cost of energy with the installation of a programmable thermostat.

Furthermore, if family members arrive home early, with wireless remote you can change the settings without ever leaving work – or the thermostat can be changed by the arriving family member at home. Some wireless thermostats can send you a message that the temperature has been changed, alerting you to the action. Wireless thermostats are the new generation of convenience, and in addition to remote access, some models can be integrated with security systems, control lights and offer other features for more than just the heating and air conditioning system.

In addition to the features previously mentioned, other favorites include alerts to change the air filter or call your HVAC technician for service, and even when repair of the heating and air conditioning system is required.

Eventually, any thermostat will require replacement.  Garland Heating and Air Conditioning can provide thermostat repair, replacement, installation and a wide range of other heating and air conditioning services. In addition, our NATE certified technicians offer the highest standards of service and emergency HVAC service 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week for your convenience.


Contact Garland Heating and Air Conditioning for additional information regarding thermostats or to schedule professional HVAC services. Our technicians will provide the industry expertise you can rely on for your home or business heating and air conditioning system. We serve Dallas, Plano and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Air Conditioning Service Dallas, TX: 5 Maintenance Tips for Efficient Air Flow Conditioning

Daniel Reichert - Friday, February 17, 2017

Summer is fast approaching and it’s time to test your air conditioning system. Chances are that during the entire winter season, you haven’t turned on the system even once. So now, be prepared because the system might have gone a little rusty due to months of sitting dormant.

One lesser known fact is that during summer, energy consumption is on its peak, which means that your air conditioning system will work extra hard to maintain a cool temperature inside the house. Due to the dust it has collected during the winter season, it might not work at full capacity. Remove any thoughts of DIY tricks because all you will do is confuse yourself with the system’s numerous parts and you might even accidently damage some.

Your first step should be to hire an air conditioning service Dallas, TX to get the system checked. It might be the refrigerant that is leaking or the filter that needs replacement. In case of the former, it would be a wise choice to call in a professional and get the problem fixed. The latter is quite easy to fix but if it’s not properly installed, it might need replacing after a month or two. These small repairs should always be handled by an air conditioning service Dallas, TX. An additional benefit that comes with the repair is that these professionals also give maintenance tips, which helps people to take care of minor problems. Following are five tips that will help you maintain your air conditioning system without dwelling about the system’s intricate components:

Tip #1

Make Sure the Thermostat is Working

Dialer thermostats often give the wrong reading and are one the biggest reasons why your house is not warm in winter. Even a small hit can make the thermostat give the wrong reading and since you have no idea what the room’s current temperature is, you keep turning the dial to find the right temperature.

A solution to this would be to get a digital thermostat installed. Hire an air conditioning service Dallas, TX and get your thermostat replaced with a digital thermostat. A digital thermostat offers a number of benefits, which include:

·      It measure’s room temperature automatically

·      You can set a temperature schedule and control it remotely through your mobile phone

·      Helps save on energy bills

Tip #2

Check Ducts for Leaks

Ducts are the pipes that allow the cold air to reach every room in your house. Leaks in ducts contribute to a higher air loss than any other problem. However, this is not the only problem behind the air leaks. Cracked windows and doors, holes in walls or moisture in the sealing are some of the other causes of air leaks. In order to insulate these areas, you need to hire an air conditioning service Dallas, TX for proper duct work. Using DIY tricks such as duct tape will only do a temporary job.

Before jumping on any repairs, consider an energy audit through an air conditioning service Dallas, TX. This will give you an idea about how much you will have to spend on insulation. Depending on the area where the draft is, decide on which kind of insulation you should go for. There are four reliable and green insulation materials, which include sheep’s wool, polyurethane, cellulose and Icynene.

Note: make sure to check your basement and attic because according to air conditioning service Dallas, TX professionals, these are the two most common areas that leak air.

Tip #3

Adjust the Thermostat to a High Temperature

When no one’s at home, turn the thermostat to high, so that the house traps the cold air. This helps you save on energy bills because when you return home, you can turn down the temperature way low and still enjoy a cool room.

Tip #4

Clean Visible Components of the System

Your air conditioning system has various complex parts and cleaning them on your own can result in you accidentally damaging a vital component. But this does not mean you let it collet dust and then hire an air conditioning service Dallas, TX for the repair. Of course, we are not asking you to do the job yourself. We are only saying that you should leave the complex parts to the air conditioning service Dallas, TX. The air filter and the coils are the two visible indoor and outdoor parts that can be easily cleaned with a blow dryer. These two parts make sure that the air flows to its full capacity.

Tip #5

Avoid Using Heat-Producing Appliances

When you use too many appliances that are a direct source of heat such as a portable heater, hair dryer or an oven, the air conditioning system works over time to maintain a cool temperature. The heat from these appliances keeps certain areas of the house warm, which forces the system to work harder. Not only does this increase your energy bills as the system works for a long time, it also affects its components. What you can do is why not try using the grill once in a while instead of the oven. Also, try setting your hair dryer to a ‘cool’ setting.

If you encounter a major problem such as the refrigerant drying or the filter getting destroyed due to over use, you should call for an air conditioning service Dallas, TX instead of handling the job yourself. Following are some energy saving tips that will help you in keeping your house cool:

  • Whenever leaving the house, make sure that the windows and doors are closed
  • Draw curtains on all windows to trap the cool air in the room
  • From time to time, turn off the air conditioning system and turn on the fan
  • Plant deciduous trees
  • Avoid using a dehumidifier
  • Install blinds on your windows
  • Make sure your air conditioning system’s outside unit is placed under a shade on a high platform

Garland Heating and Air Conditioning is a BBB accredited company that offers air conditioning service Dallas, TX. They also offer customized installation of A/C units along with various products that help improve air quality. For further information about their services, call at (972) 278-3506.

Heating and Air Condition Service Dallas, TX: How to Find out If Your HVAC System is Working Properly or Not

Daniel Reichert - Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The winter season is in full swing and people are buried under a pile of blankets with a mug of coffee or hot cocoa in their hand. Your house has the perfect temperature in the morning, when the sun is playing peek-a-boo but as night approaches, you feel your house getting colder. Checking the heating system proved to be a bust because you have no idea which component does what. Before you go and get your DIY tool kit made by watching YouTube videos, remember this: Even if somehow you are able to take your heating system apart, you will surely not be able to put it back together the same.

The common sense would be to hire heating and air condition service Dallas, TX. These people are professionals and have the right tools for fixing any kind of problem. In a situation where you feel that your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system needs repairing, instead of running to a store for a DIY insulation kit, try these following tips to make sure that the system does need a repair. Though the process does involve hiring heating and air condition service Dallas, TX, the first tip will save you a lot of money on the repair:

Tip #1

Save on Energy Bills

If you have bought an energy efficient HVAC system, according to your state’s government, you might be eligible for efficiency-related savings, rebates or tax credit. If you feel that the repair is going to put a dent in your budget, then find out if your HVAC system qualifies as an energy efficient equipment. You can find this out at Energy.Gov. Each state has a different policy and is mainly there to support homeowners lessen pollution and conserve energy.

Tip #2

Hire Heating and Air Condition Service Dallas, TX for an Energy Audit

As your house gets older, its ventilation system gets compromised. The HAVC system depends on a home’s structural integrity. If your house has air leaks, then the system tries to work harder to warm the house in winter and keep it cool in summer. This might put a pressure on the system’s components and is the second reason why your HVAC system stops working.

Here, the problem is not just your HVAC system; it’s also the air leaks that prevent the system from performing its job. If you feel you are facing this kind of problem, then consider getting an energy audit. Various companies offer heating and air condition service Dallas, TX and few of them also offer an energy audit to find the root cause of the problem.

An energy audit is basically an air leak test that tests the insulation of the house. Most professionals of heating and air condition service Dallas, TX do a blower test to find out where the leak is. The test involves a fan of high power, which is used to lower the house’s inside air pressure. This allows the outside pressure to seep into the house through cracks and unsealed openings that reveal the air leaks. In another test, the insulation’s R-value is found out to see if it resists the cold and heat traveling through it.

Tip #3

Make sure that the Heating and Air Condition Service Dallas, TX has a Reputable Name in the Market

Do not go hiring the first heating and air condition service Dallas, TX you stumble upon. Look for companies that are accredited and have a high rating. These credentials will prove that the company has been in this business for several years and employs professional repair men.

Tip #4

Get Familiar with the Different Types of Insulation Material

There are four different types of insulation materials that helps capture the heat or cold in the house. The following insulation materials have the highest R-value and are eco-friendly:

1.  Sheep’s Wool

Rating at the top of the list, sheep’s wool is the most popular insulation material due to its renewable quality. The wool has an R-value of 4 and helps capture air, while retaining its breathability. Its fire resistant, limits condensation and absorbs harmful chemical that affect the walls.

2.  Polyurethane

Used as foam, Polyurethane provides ample of heat resistance and has an R-value of 5. The foam is sometimes doubled to make sure that the walls have a thick insulation layer. Plus, it also enhances the house’s structural integrity. Now a days, furnished homes come installed with polyurethane insulation, so that home buyers do not buy dangerous insulation materials such as fiber glass.

3.  Cellulose

Similar to fiber glass, cellulose is one of the biggest green methods of insulation. The insulation is created from recycled newspaper and has an R-value of 3.5 per inch. The plus point of this insulation is that unlike fiber glass, it does not emit harmful chemicals such as fire retardants or formaldehyde. It is one of the cheapest insulation materials right now in the market and is known as the toughest material that prevents leaks.

4.  Icynene

A water-based insulation, Icynene expands ten times more than its original size once it is applied. It resembles whipped cream and is used to cover small holes in the walls. The only downside to Icynene is that it also captures some of the moisture. If you are choosing this material, then you need to hire heating and air condition service Dallas, TX to install an air exchange system. Icynene has an R-value of 3.7 per inch and due to its texture; it needs to be handled delicately.

Some cold spots that need to be insulated are mostly in the attic, roof deck, walls and basement. If you have added a new room in your house, the walls and the ceiling are the prime areas that need insulation. Garland Heating and Air Conditioning is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating that offers heating and air condition service Dallas, TX. They do repairs, customized installation and even offer various products for maintaining better air quality. For further information about their service, call at (972) 278-3506.