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Geothermal Heat Pump | Heating and Air Conditioning

Daniel Reichert - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ground source heat pumps are electrically powered heating and air conditioning systems that tap into the earth's relatively constant temperature to provide heating, cooling, and hot water for homes and commercial buildings. The geothermal heat pump consumes significantly less energy as the design utilizes the consistent ground temperature for heat exchange, rather than working against the variable outdoor air temperature.

Geothermal heat pumps utilize closed or open loops, installed in one of three ways: horizontally, vertically, or in a water source such as a pond or lake. The type you select will likely depend on the available land area and its characteristics at the site of installation. These factors are essential in determining the most economical means for installation of the ground loop.

The media used in a closed loop system can be water-based or refrigerant-based. In a typical water-based loop, water or antifreeze solution is circulated through the pipes that comprise the loop buried beneath the earth's surface. A refrigerant-based loop relies on refrigerant flowing through copper tubing buried beneath the ground.

During the winter, the fluid absorbs heat from the earth, and during the summer season, the system reverses itself to provide air conditioning by utilizing the ground as a heat sink.

Open loop systems operate on the same principle, and can be installed in a pond or lake where an adequate supply of water is available and open discharge is allowed.

The benefits of a geothermal heat pump system include the following: 

·      Can provide heating and air conditioning, and assists the hot water heater by providing preheated water when this option is chosen

·      When so equipped, may save you up to 50% on water-heating costs

·      The pipes of the loop typically last for 50 years, while the heat pump averages a 25 year lifespan

·      Provides significant energy savings for heating and air conditioning, with up to 50% savings on air conditioning, and 40% to 70% savings on heating costs

·      Operates quietly without noisy fan units to disturb outdoor activities

·      A geothermal system will produce four times the amount of energy it consumes, placing it at the top of the most energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems available 

·      A return in your investment requires only a few years

·      Rebates, credits or other incentives may be available

·      An environmentally friendly solution

The geothermal heat pump is not your standard heating and air conditioning system. Geothermal installation requires a certified installer with specialized training, experience, and knowledge in geothermal technology and installation. Hiring a qualified installer ensures you receive the expected performance from the geothermal heating and air conditioning system.

Our NATE certified HVAC technicians offer the skill and expertise required for the proper installation of a geothermal heat pump, or other heating and air conditioning system of your choice. Our professionals serve Dallas, Plano and the surrounding areas with the expertise that meets or exceeds industry standards. Garland Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. 

Ductless System | Air Conditioning Dallas, TX

Daniel Reichert - Monday, June 27, 2016

The ductless system provides homeowners with versatility. Versatility as great as the various reasons why it may be the system you need. Homes with functional ductwork and homeowners who desire heating and air conditioning for the entire home simultaneously, won’t be a likely candidate for a ductless system. However, any of the following households may find the ductless provides an energy efficient option for heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX.


Those who have added one or more rooms on to their homes have the choice of providing a separate system for the new space, or extending the ductwork and upgrading to a system large enough to provide heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX for the entire home.

The new space may not be able to accommodate ductwork, or be a costly project. Ductless heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX may provide an ideal solution for a new space of one to nine rooms.

Homes without Ductwork

The purchase of a historic home with the details of fine craftsmanship from an era gone by is the dream of numerous Americans. Unfortunately, the installation of ductwork, may be a costly retrofit that eliminates a number of the details you love. Furthermore, you may not plan to utilize all of the rooms, and even when family and friends visit, may prefer not to provide heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX to the remaining unused rooms. A ductless system enables you to provide conditioned air where and when you want it, without the destructive retrofitting required for ductwork.

Utilizing Unused Space

You may have considered converting a basement, and/or the attic into a game room, and/or a home theatre. A ductless system can provide the heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX you need when and where you need it.

Hot and Cold Spots

Homes with overly hot or cold rooms can benefit from a ductless system.

Room for a Classic

Car collectors understand humidity control and a stable temperature is an essential for maintaining an automobile in pristine condition. Now you can without breaking the bank. Ductless systems enable you to control the conditions in one space or nine, efficiently.

Guest Houses and Others

A ductless system provides an energy efficient option for guesthouses, vacation cabins, the small apartment you rent out, and other locations lacking a duct system.

Energy Efficient

Centrally ducted systems may lose significant energy through broken seals and poorly fitted ducts lacking insulation. In fact, the ducts in your home may account for as much as a 30% loss of conditioned air. Selecting a ductless system for heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX, eliminates the loss of conditioned air through ducts.

An energy-efficient ductless system provides an ideal option for zoning. Each air handler has its own individually controlled, programmable thermostat. This feature enables every room to be custom programmed, with a custom temperature adjusted to the users' personal preference and habits. Furthermore, the ductless system enables you to heat or cool only the space that you choose. Ductless heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX eliminates wasted energy on unoccupied living space.

No Pressure Problems

You’ve read it often, don’t close off more than one or two registers to avoid premature wear on a ducted HVAC system due to pressure. However, a ductless system is designed with automatic adjustment for the specific heating and cooling needs.

Quietly operating Inverter technology is a technological advance, ensuring the ductless system produces only the conditioned air required. Inverter technology operates at variable speeds, providing more even temperature control, increased energy savings, and superior dehumidification. The compressor speed adjusts automatically, preventing the system from operating at maximum capacity every time it runs. The technology saves you money, and reduces wear and tear on the system.

An Easier Installation

Configuration is simple in a ductless system, and installation only requires only a small hole in the wall to connect the pipe from the indoor component to the compressor unit outside, which supplies power to the air handler indoors.


Garland Heating and Air Conditioning is a Carrier dealer, providing the nation’s highest rated HVAC product. When you install a Carrier ductless system, one outdoor compressor can power up to nine indoor air handlers, each separately controlled by a wireless remote. Furthermore, depending on the system you choose, you may be able to connect additional units for expansion as renovate your home, or expand it. The flexibility for configuration, expansion, and adaptation to almost any home’s heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX has never been more versatile.

Allergy Control

Ductless systems provide cleaner air in the rooms where air handlers are installed. With superior HEPA filters in each indoor unit, cleaner air has never been easier. With a ductless system, circulation is contained within each confined space, preventing cross-contamination of air between rooms. The ductless system provides superior air quality versus a central unit with a central filter and cross contamination throughout the home. The ductless system offers an ideal solution for family members’ who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.

Our NATE certified technicians can provide you with the information you need regarding a ductless system, or other HVAC products. When you need air conditioning service, installation or repair, our technicians can provide the services you need. Don’t suffer the heat with broken air conditioning in Dallas, TX. Contact Garland Heating and Air Conditioning for a solution for almost any budget. We serve Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Garland Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.

Programmable Thermostat | Air Conditioning Service

Daniel Reichert - Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Benefits

If cutting the cost of cooling your home is a priority this summer, a programmable thermostat is one option that can save you money. With a programmable thermostat, temperatures can be set to be higher when you are away, and scheduled to cool the home just in time for your arrival. This results in significant energy savings by eliminating unnecessary heating and cooling when the home is unoccupied. The following provides energy saving tips and advice to maximize your comfort, while reducing the electrical bill. Effectively saving money begins by ensuring your HVAC system receives its annual tune up with air conditioning service, maintenance, and repair if required.

The annual tune up provides a thorough inspection of the system, enabling the technician to identify any components that are weakening, are faulty, in need of cleaning and/or lubrication. The annual air conditioning service enables your home’s HVAC to operate at peak efficiency, saving you money, maintaining your comfort, and extending the system’s service life by reducing wear and tear.

Equally important for maintaining the systems performance and lifespan is changing the recommended air filter as the manufacture instructs. Routine filter changes help to maintain a cleaner system, reducing the frequency of air conditioning service and repairs, saving you even more money.

In addition, the following tips will assist you in cutting the cost of cooling your home this summer:

·     Replace inefficient older appliances with energy efficiency models.

·     Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms to save energy.

·     Unplug electronics, and other devices when not in use.

·     Avoid using the oven, as it heats up the home. Instead, opt for outdoor grilling, a slow cooker, or microwave. You can also serve cold meals such as salads, and sandwiches. If the oven is used, do so in the cool of the early morning.

·     Programmable thermostats can save as much as 20% on the cost of cooling your home.

There is a variety of programmable thermostat types available for your selection:

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature according to the schedule and settings you have programmed into it. The ability to program a thermostat eliminates forgotten temperature adjustments, saving you money by providing lower energy bills. The accuracy of a programmable thermostat is unsurpassed.


7-Day Thermostat

The 7-day thermostat provides the ability to program up to four temperature adjustments for each day. It is ideal for those with busy schedules.

5-1-1 Day

The 5-1-1 provides the ability to program up to four temperature adjustments during the weekdays, and different settings for Saturday and Sunday. This option is ideal for families who work a routine Monday through Friday schedule, and need flexibility for the weekend.

5-2 Day

The 5-2 thermostat allows up to four temperature settings for the weekdays and allows a different schedule for both days of the weekend.

Learning Thermostats

A learning thermostat “learns” based on your manually selected preferences over a specific period. While the features vary between brands, some include the ability to auto adjust the thermostat when the home is unoccupied, guide you to energy-efficient settings, provide an alert for a dirty filter or the need for air conditioning service, and provide monthly energy reports. In addition, they can connect to the home’s Wi-Fi network, enabling you to monitor, and manage remotely from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

If you need programmable thermostat installation or replacement, or other air conditioning service, give us a call. A Garland professional HVAC technician will assist you with your questions and ensure you receive a thermostat that is compatible with your home’s system. We serve Dallas, Plano, and the surrounding areas. Garland Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.