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Winter Heating & Air Conditioning Repair/Tune Up | Dallas, TX

Daniel Molina - Monday, January 26, 2015
winter heating air conditioning Repair Dallas

Furnace Tune-up | Air Conditioning Repair Dallas

An annual furnace tune-up is recommended to keep your furnace performing optimally and efficiently. Putting off furnace maintenance affects its peak performance, costing you more for it to operate. In addition, neglecting the furnace can pose health risks to you and your family. A neglected gas furnace can potentially leak deadly carbon monoxide gases into your home. With an annual tune-up, you can be reasonably assured of a well-functioning furnace, safe to operate and performing as efficiently as is possible. An added benefit of providing annual HVAC maintenance is the reduced need for heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas.

Gas furnaces produce heat through burning fossil fuels, and it is essential to ensure that the furnace's combustion process is operating properly and efficiently. Neglecting to provide heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas could eventually lead to larger problems. In the case of a gas furnace, it may even develop into a dangerous condition such as a gas leak, or the build-up of dangerous carbon monoxide inside the home. Be safe by having an annual tune-up, and provide any required heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas promptly.

During a furnace tune-up, the HVAC technician will check the components of your furnace. By having a thorough, professional inspection and testing provided on the furnace, you can be confident in your furnace providing safe, peak performance throughout the cold winter months. Some of the maintenance tasks provided by your HVAC technician will include:

The Blower

A thorough cleaning of the blower, ensuring it works more efficiently and safely. Cleaning prevents excessive heat buildup in the motor area. Wiring will be inspected for wear, damage or corrosion.

The Motor

The motor will be cleaned of dirt and debris, assisting it in performing optimally and preventing overheating. Motors, which can be lubricated should receive oil annually. This is a special type of oil created specifically for this type of motor. Just a few drops will lubricate the motor and assist it to provide its job for many years.


The ventilation system is checked for blockage and/or leakage. Blocking may occur from leaf debris and nests from birds and squirrels for example. This includes the outside termination (exhaust) and the connections at and internal to the furnace.

Combustion Gases and/or Coils

The combustion gases of a gas furnace must be analyzed to ensure that they meet the unit's specifications.

Heat Exchanger and Burners

The heat exchanger and burners of a gas furnace are inspected for rust and corrosion. Extensive wear can result in deadly carbon monoxide being released into the home. Burners are also inspected for proper ignition, burner flame and flame sensor. Issues with the heat exchanger and burners require prompt heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas due to the risks posed to you and your family. Homes with a gas furnace or other gas appliances should always utilize carbon monoxide detectors.

In an electric furnace the heating coils are inspected for wear, damage and corrosion.


When the furnace is part of a heating and cooling system, the AC drainage is inspected for blockage and/or leakage. The condensate drain and trap are cleaned. A number of homeowners have both the heating and air conditioning inspected and tuned up simultaneously with any required heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas provided at this time.

Static air pressure tests, gas pressure testing and temperature rise checks are performed as required.

An efficiently running furnace will assist in keeping the energy bill down. Homeowner's should change the filter monthly, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Furthermore, ensure that you use the recommended filter. Using the "better" filter may result in damage to the system. By regularly changing the filter, you ensure a clean running system and will prolong the furnace's lifespan. A clean filter and providing professional maintenance are two actions the homeowner can take to extend the longevity of your investment, while maintaining the comfort of your home.

If your system hasn't received annual maintenance or a furnace tune-up this year, or requires heating and air conditioning repair in Dallas, contact Garland Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule a furnace tune-up. Our certified professional HVAC technicians provide experience and expertise for the care of your furnace. We serve Dallas, Plano and the surrounding areas.

Variable Speed Air Conditioning Repair | Plano, TX

Daniel Molina - Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Air Conditioning Repair Plano

Variable Speed Motors | Air Conditioning Repair Plano, TX

Variable speed refers to the indoor blower motor, which moves at the required speed as determined by sensors for precise control of conditioned air. Garland Heating and Air Conditioning offersHVAC systems with variable speed motors for installation. In addition, it is possible that your existing system is compatible with the technology and may benefit. Contact us for further information, or ask your HVAC technician if your system is compatible when having maintenance or air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

The Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace

  • Improved Air Quality: Variable-speed motors with humidistats enable you to control the humidity levels in the home. The relative humidity in a home should be between 30 and 50 percent, for optimal comfort. The consistent airflow of these motors also improves air filtration.
  • Electric Efficiency: Variable-speed motors conserve energy by using less electricity than conventional motors. In fact, the variable speed motor will use approximately one-eighth the electricity operating at half speed than when it runs at full speed. To place its energy efficiency into a different perspective, a variable speed motor at half speed would have to run 8 hours to equal the same amount of electricity consumed by a conventional motor at full speed in 1 hour. As a consequence the variable speed motor can last longer than a conventional motor, reducing the need for heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

In addition, remember to change the air filter each month, or as recommended by the manufacturer to prevent premature wear and the increased need for heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

  • Zoning: Variable speed motors and zoned systems are partners in energy efficiency. Zoned systems enable you to control the temperature in different areas in the home. When combined with a variable speed motor that adjusts its output to the speed required, comfort is achieved along with increased energy efficiency, and reduces the need for air conditioning repair in Plano, TX vs. systems with a conventional fan.

How Variable Speed Systems Work

A variable speed motor uses sensors to control the airflow rate. On extremely cold or hot days the motor operates at a higher speed. When temperatures are mildly cool, or warm the motor operates at a slower speed for a longer amount of time. Conventional fans run at one speed, which draws more electricity than a lower speed would. The sensors are designed to give your home the required airflow, saving energy and money when the variable speed motor operates at a lower speed. This process is provided automatically without your intervention, providing a home with optimal comfort and increased energy efficiency.

A variable speed motor isn't the same as a two or three speed motor. For example, a three speed motor will have three preset speeds for the fan operation. A variable speed motor operates from 0 RPM to full speed and anywhere in between. The HVAC system operates at the precise speed your home requires.

Heating and air conditioning systems remove heat and moisture from the air. When the air conditioning is running, a conventional fixed speed fan runs at the highest speed all of the time. This results in less moisture being removed from the air. A variable speed motor removes a larger amount of moisture from the air than conventional fans. It accomplishes this by running the fan at a slower speed when the air compressor first starts operating, allowing the humidity to be more efficiently extracted from the air.

The air conditioning coil cools the air moving over it, initiating the blower speed to increase and delivering cold, dry air into your home, with a humidity of approximately 50%. Once a balance is established between the humidity and heat loads, the variable speed motor will reduce its speed. In contrast, a conventional motor operates at high speed continuously, causing the air to retain humidity, reducing your comfort, and increasing wear upon the system resulting in increased heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX.

Humidity affects comfort by making the air temperature feel hotter than it actually is. In addition, increased humidity promotes the growth of mold and mildew. A variable speed fan motor prevents these issues by limiting the air flow until the moisture is removed from the air and drains out of the drain, rather than ending up in the duct system where mold can grow.

HVAC Products and Services at Garland Heating and Air Conditioning

Garland Heating and Air Conditioning carries and installs innovative Carrier products, with a wide range of system options and features, such as variable speed motors. Garland's certified and experienced HVAC technicians provide heating and air conditioning installation, service and maintenance, and heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX. In addition, Garland's professionals' provide emergency services 24/7, providing you with the heating and air conditioning repair in Plano, TX when you need it most.

Gas vs Electric Heating & Air Conditioning

Daniel Molina - Monday, January 19, 2015
heating air conditioning gas vs electric heaters

Gas vs. Electric Heat | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are faced with the purchase of a new heating and air conditioning system, you may be debating gas vs. electric heat as the best choice for your home. The answer actually depends upon your climate conditions, and the type of system you select.

Electric Heat

Electric heating sources are great for warmer climates. Electric heat provides clean, comfortable heat without an excessive electric bill, until extreme cold occurs. The air source heat pump can struggle to heat your home when the temperatures are very cold. During frigid weather, back-up heat will be needed when you use a heat pump, and the electric cost will rise. However, there is an efficient heat pump alternative for heating and air conditioning that we will cover later in this blog.

Gas Heat

Gas HVAC systems operate efficiently in sub-freezing temperatures without a loss of heating ability as the temperatures fall. However, many persons are uncomfortable with the risks that natural gas poses. The main risks of gas are explosion and fire. Additional risk factors include carbon monoxide poisoning and asphyxiation. The occurrence of an explosion and fire are very low, and all of the risk factors become minimal when annual maintenance and tune-ups are provided, and carbon monoxide detectors are installed and maintained.

An additional factor that must be considered for gas heat is the cost of gas in your area. The cost can vary widely, with gas providing a very economical selection for some areas, and excessively priced in others.

Combined Technology

As previously mentioned, there is an alternative that provides the best of both options. The installation of a hybrid heating and air conditioning system will provide both gas and electricity for heating. You will enjoy the benefit of electricity's efficiency during milder temperatures, and the system will automatically provide your home with the warmth you require during sub-freezing temperatures.

The hybrid system utilizes sensors to determine which heating source is appropriate for the current conditions, directing the operation of either the gas furnace or the electric heat pump. This enables you to maintain comfort without excessive operating costs.

Hybrid Systems Provide Cooling

It is like having three systems in one, with all components neatly packaged into one outdoor unit. The system provides two energy sources that are automatically controlled, providing optimal heating, while the heat pump also operates as an air conditioner for energy efficient cooling during the sweltering summer months. It provides the best of both worlds in heating and air conditioning, maintaining your family's comfort and operating efficiently and cleanly.

This arrangement is especially beneficial for homes with limited indoor space. The ability to install a packaged hybrid heating system will depend on your current HVAC configuration and your home's structure. In addition, the hybrid system is available as a split system for those who already have a split system AC and a furnace.

An additional factor that must be considered for either hybrid system is the access to natural gas. If your home isn't already equipped for gas appliances, the hybrid solution may not be an option. If natural gas is available, but simply not installed in your home, a gas supply can be provided, enabling you to take advantage of the hybrid split system.

Garland Heating and Air Conditioning's professional HVAC technicians offer the experience and expertise you require for efficient and reliable heating and air conditioning services. We offer 24 hour emergency service for your comfort, and air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation. If you require assistance in selecting a new HVAC system for your home, or would like assistance in the decision of gas vs. electric heat, we will be glad to assist you, and /or provide an estimate for installation.